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Dedicated Server Hosting

Get high-powered Dedicated Server Hosting.

99.9% server uptime, money-back guarantee.

Powerful, easy-to-use control panel options.

Root access and SSD or HDD drives on top-of-the-line of bare metal servers..

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Guaranteed Speeds

We don't play around. Every dedicated server has a bonded uplink directly to the internet, we provide more than enough capacity and no limitations for your server.

Anti-DDoS Included

Our "bulletproof" Bare Metal line-up. Every Nordblade dedicated server comes included with our best-effort in-house developed DDoS-protection for L3/4 filtering up to 10 Tbps.

Prviacy strong Hosting

Nordblade is committed to meeting our customers' global risk and compliance requirements, including server availability, security, data protection, and privacy.


Starting at

$99.95 per month
billed annually
Switch to yearly for two months FREE!
  • Dual Xeon™ 2640v4
  • 20C/40T 3.4 GHz Turbo
  • 64 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x500 GB SSD Storage (RAID-1)
  • 1Gbps Uplink

Starting at

$119.95 per month
billed annually
Switch to yearly for two months FREE!
  • Dual Xeon™ 2640v4
  • 20C/40T 3.4 GHz Turbo
  • 128 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x1TB GB SSD Storage (RAID-1)
  • 1Gbps Uplink

Starting at

$89.95 per month
billed annually
Switch to yearly for two months FREE!
  • AMD Ryzen 5600X
  • 12C/24T 4.8 GHz Turbo
  • 64 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x512 GB NVMe Storage (RAID-1)
  • 1Gbps Uplink

Starting at

$149.95 per month
billed annually
Switch to yearly for 2 months FREE!
  • AMD Ryzen 5900X
  • 12C/24T 4.8 GHz Turbo
  • 128 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x1TB GB NVMe Storage (RAID-1)
  • 1Gbps Uplink

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting for additional $59.99 per month

Dedicated Server Hosting for system admins and developers.

Calling all experienced developers, system admins or agencies seeking powerful server capabilities: our Dedicated Server Hosting provides high-performance server options with isolated resources to run mission-critical applications where latency and uptime matters.

Bare metal servers.

Harness the full processing power with bare metal servers from a tenant with root and admin privileges for complete control of the server, right down to the kernel.

Monitoring and alerts.

Monitor server uptime, resources (CPU, RAM and Storage) and Domains — stay informed with alert notifications.

SSD or HDD – your choice.

Whether you want blazing fast read/write – or tons of storage capacity, we’ve got you covered with HDD or NVMe SSDs (up to 25X faster) storage options.

Expert dedicated hosting support.

All managedplans come with free standard hosting support. Optional paid server management services include fully managed support and task-based services.

Built in security.

Single-tenant infrastructure provides higher levels of security and control. And at the network level, you’ll get powerful DDoS protection.

Easy-to-use control panel.

Gain access to our powerful control panel where you can manage your server completely remotely. View statistics, power options, access and build options all in one place.

Reliable, 99.9% server uptime – guaranteed.

Never miss opportunities to engage with a customer (or potential customer). That’s why we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And if we don’t uphold the guarantee, you may be eligible for a discount on your purchase during that time.

Optimum Performance

Get powerful single tentant, bare metal servers to run mission-critical apps. SSD (NVMe) and HDD storage. Plus top HW/SW: Intel or AMD CPUs running whatever OS you require.

Self Managed Dedicated Server Hosting popular uses.

Such as applications that requires intensive workloads and large amounts of raw processing power, and…

Web Hosting

Ideal for hosting multiple websites, applications, and databases with full control over resources, security, and performance on a dedicated server.


Power online stores with dedicated resources, ensuring smooth transactions, handling high traffic, and maintaining data security for a seamless shopping experience.


Provide gamers with low-latency gameplay, customizable server configurations, and the ability to host multiplayer games without performance constraints.

Big Data Analytics

Process large datasets efficiently by leveraging the dedicated processing power and memory of a server, speeding up complex data analysis tasks.

Media Streaming

Deploy high-quality streaming content to a global audience, maintaining consistent streaming speeds and reducing buffering for an optimal viewer experience.

Enterprise Applications

Run resource-intensive business applications, like ERP or CRM systems, on a bare metal server to ensure reliability, security, and efficient performance for daily operations.